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A fascinating and well written book clearly highlighting how contrasting the UK Military and NHS leadership styles are. It articulates through experiences and descriptive anecdotes how they can be easily transposed for everyday use at every level of management. 

A book that every aspiring leader should read and refer to throughout their career.

Steve Bonser


(Head of Operations, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board and former Lance Corporal, Royal Corps of Signals).

Annette Shaw


(Devon Life Magazine – April 2022).

We cannot all be elite soldiers or Generals and while reading about their journeys may inspire us, achieving such greatness remains in the realms of fantasy for all but the few.  This book is about practical leadership lessons that apply to the many - we can apply these lessons whatever sector we work in to get the best from our teams.

Learned at the 'university of life' this is a valuable collection of lessons for young people aspiring to any kind of leadership role.

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Tracy (Peejay) Price-Jones


(Chief Instructor and Head of Equality and Diversity at the Centre of Defence Leadership and Management).

“This is a book that deserves a wide readership. Its lessons on how to be an effective leader - engagingly presented - are valuable to many professions and to every stage of a career.”

Dr Joanna Bayley


(CEO Gloucester GP Consortium Ltd. Clinical Lead & business Manager GDoc Ltd).

“In my experience, and to my knowledge, healthcare and military leaders are the best our society has to offer.  They face intransigent and complex problems and they do so in an environment of constrained resources, political imperative, public scrutiny and moral duty.  I am in awe of all of them.  This pocket guide draws on Bob’s personal experience and knowledge in both sectors, it will be a useful reference guide for leaders at every level of health and care and beyond.”

Stephen Hart


(National Director of Leadership Development
NHS Leadership Academy).

It is entertaining and highly relevant to any leadership institution.  
….it was a great read and this will be a publication worthy of the attention of leadership organisations around the world.

PS. I now know why I was never getting my stuff on time in Iraq - you were sitting back with the showers drinking tea and eating custard creams with your adjutant!

Brigadier AI Deas MBE


(Commandant of the Defence Collegeof Logistics and Personnel Administration, Director of Skills for Logistics).

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