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The Book.


Colonel G R Pearce MBE


Publisher: Halsgrove
ISBN: 9781906551490

Hardback book
Number of pages: 144
Dimensions: 156x234mm


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How to Climb a 12–Foot Wall.

£20.00 (inc. delivery.)

10 Military Lessons in Leadership.


When an ordinary sixteen year old boy joined the Army as an apprentice, he began to learn that leadership is not the sole preserve of those in high positions.  It is found at all levels within organisations and sometimes manifests itself in the most unlikely of circumstances.
Bob Pearce has documented the successes and failures of his personal leadership journey.  Commanding a supply squadron in the NATO rapid response organisation and then a Transport Regiment in the Iraq War in 2003, by trial and indeed error, he learned some valuable leadership lessons.

Leaving the Army to join the NHS on a senior leadership programme, it became clear that these lessons could transfer to other walks of life.  Now working in a school, he talks to sixth form groups and those in the CCF about their aspirations in life and how applying these lessons can help them progress up the leadership ladder.

Ten practical lessons that transfer from the military to other walks of life are captured in an easy to read format, illuminated by anecdotes and illustrated by an Army colleague.

The analogy of the 12 Foot wall represents the challenges we all face from time to time.  If you are in a leadership position, aspire to be in one or are being led by someone; this book is for you!

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